Day 7 - Greenwich to red lift bridge, Rotherithe St

What a day! I’ve never been so wet. Although there was sun to start with, after an hour or so the heavens opened and it rained all day. Where’s the respect for a couple of folks trying to raise a bit of money for Charity I hear you say. We’ll there wasn’t any today. Cold wet and miserable.

There are the downs but you know me, that’s never the end. We had a great day. Although not quite what we hoped, we are still ahead of schedule and will be starting tomorrow with only 3.5 miles to do in the day and guess what - the forecast is set fair so no risk of rain, or so they say.

Today’s bonus was to be joined by an old school friend of mine Martin, who I haven’t met for 31 years, and we still recognised each other! After a couple of hours I was told we haven’t stopped talking but that’s a long time to catch up on. I think we all have a good time and Martin’s coming along again tomorrow so it can’t have been too bad.

The day just got better this evening as Dave and Jan have just arrived at the house. Dave, a trustee colleague of mine is going to walk the full 60k in two days with a couple of intrepid friends. That’s a big hats off from me. Go to it guys.


Day 6 - Thames Barriage to O2, & beyond…

After yesterday’s success we started today full of enthusiasm and following an early kick off we were rewarded with, good progress. Although going was hard due to a high head wind and cold temperatures, we made it it the O2 by 12.00. And a good job too; it was freezing and we were all in need of a sit down and a cup of coffee. The only one pleased with the temperature was me; the memories of the heat through days 1,2 & 3 still haunt me but this was much more comfortable. As everyone else froze I thrived, feeling stronger than I have all week.

Despite the cold Team Stu pressed on and, beyond anything we could have hoped for, we arrived in Greenwich at 4.30. The legs wouldn’t quite get me to the Cutty Sark, but there is always tomorrow. This means we now have a mile and a half in hand. Given the forecast for the next couple of days this may come in handy as tomorrow’s forecast looks wet with Saturday being worse. Now if we need to cut short a session we are ahead of the game. Watch this space.

We were joined by a couple of friends today, Stina who is putting together the Stu Steps Up photo stories and Ailsa an old friend from Cardiff. It was great to share a successful day with others and find an excuse to celebrate our achievement with a pint of two on Guiness in a local hostelry. A fab day and a great end.


Day 3 - at the Olympic Park & the Green Way

After yesterday I was worried about how things would go. Was it the heat or is this just too much!

Well I’m pleased to report that it must have been the heat…. Today was a better day, still a challenge and right now everything hurts, well maybe not the eye lids. The blisters are blooming and I am now needing a brace on my left knee but hey, if it was easy there’d be no point, so as one of our Facebook friends said “just make like Dory”. So now it’s over to tomorrow, down the Greenway to Stokes Road another 4.1 miles, Lord knows how many steps, but we will be there by 5pm with a bit of luck.

Team Stu - enjoying the success of another day completed.


End of day 2

Tough day today! Very warm here in London and, as we know, the temperature monkeys around with the MS. Having said this, it was always going to be hard, starting with aching muscles and stiff legs from yesterday. Not only this but also being without the euphoria of starting the Challenge which carried us through the first 1 mile yesterday.

Having had my whinge, today was not all bad; Suzie is still working fantastically well the support from ‘Team Stu’, Marie, Sean and Tony Knappett has been remarkable. They have worked tremendously hard keeping me going and collecting money as well. Not so much today but every bit counts so a big thanks to everyone who donated today. Particularly Ms ‘half marathon runner’ we met just after Little Venice and you asked the What and the How, when you finished the run you donated £100. You’re a star in my book.

Camden Lock was a challenge as the pictures show. 1. Can I do this. 2. The feeling when ‘I have done it’.

Didn’t quite get as far as we wanted to today but, hey ho, I will do better tomorrow.


Day 1

Well all of a sudden we’re at the end of day 1. Everyone has been fantastic. So much support on route from complete strangers. British Heart Foundation had a 5K run in Hyde Park, all fund raisers different charities cheering each other on. Amazing.
A long hard day, I feel every muscle now - some I forgot I had and where they are!! Quick stretch and into bed, I think.


3days to go

Just got back from up North - collected Susie 2 from Newcastle. WH Partnership and Peacocks Medical have been amazing. We literally couldn’t have done it without you!!!
Over to me now…
Susie 2 looks good


Susie 2

Just arrived in Leeds on route to Newcastle to collect Susie 2. Can’t wait to meet her!!!! Disaster struck though - car lift broke down ended up stranded in Abergavenny - Marie to the rescue!!! Marie’s car is poorly. Let’s hope that’s all the problems done - all ready for next week. All set for Saturday. Will let you know how Susie is later.


5 days to go….

Scared but yet excited about picking up Susie 2 on Wednesday…. What if I can’t push her???? To late to worry about that now….she will be pushed round London for 9 days, come hell or high water!!!


6 days to go

Training was great today, got faster with distance walked through the day.
Bodes well for next week.
Pick up Susie 2 on Wednesday from Newcastle - could do without the drive just before the walk, but it can’t be helped.
Got a copy of Stu Steps Up Part 2 last night. Ludovich Robert and Stina Barker have done an amazing job. Can’t wait to see Part 3 after the walk.

Check out



Walking done for today just some stretches and a couple of exercises to do later - once we’ve watched Strictly. Then I gotta get on the floor where Marie puts me through it, a little painful but worth it.
Quick bit of shopping done earlier in one of our breaks, now in Marie’s bad books - left her new trainers in the disabled toilet. Thanks goodness they’ve been handed in. Phew. Now just to pick them up and earn some brownie points!!!!!

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